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A story, made with love, since 2014

We grew the company with the belief that a small team can make a big difference.
And those values guide every decision we make at Babbler.

Our ADN: we reconcile technology with the human relationships needed to lead successful media relations.

While Sarah was working in communication agencies and Hannah at Microsoft, they saw an opportunity for a new technology to help PR pros and Reporters collaborate a better way.

Hannah saw Sarah struggle with sending out news releases time and time again and follow-up with reporters by email and phone and social networks.The same problems recurred: having to compress high-resolution images so they could be sent in an attachment, having to put files on an FTP and having to share the information with the recipients and managing hundreds of excel lists of media contacts…

It was an unproductive workflow/process that we felt we could greatly simplify for all organizations and people sharing information with the reporters and bloggers.

In 2015 the first beta version of Babbler launched. After few years the initial vision remains the same: we want to help PR teams succeed. Babbler aims to simplify the tricky process of stringing together many solutions to distribute, publish press releases and manage media contacts.

This way we can make PR teams more efficient, getting the tools out of the way to spend more time on stories and relationships.

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