What do we do for press relations when our company has nothing new to communicate?

It’s a good question; after all we don’t raise money every day. We are not acquired by a multinational every month and we don’t necessarily have revolutionary products to present every quarter.

So what can be done to keep the media talking about our company throughout the year, even when there seems to be nothing to communicate?

This article will provide you with 6 PR ideas to get media exposure even when you feel like you have nothing to say.

Put your customers forward

In late 2017, Burger King “offered” an entire restaurant to its biggest Facebook fan. For 1 year, Sullyvan K will see his name displayed on the sign of a Burger King restaurant, on trays, on burger boxes and will also have his own parking space.

Burger King had nothing new to introduce: no new burger, no new menu…

This communication initiative allowed the brand to be heard in major media in France and abroad, and to thus benefit from visibility during the holiday season.

Putting your customers forward is a way to create news. Just find customers who are satisfied with your services or who have achieved good results, then communicate through the right media.

Not only will your loyal customers be forever grateful to you, it will also give you a good image in the press.

Write guest articles

Effective PR is not just about talking when your company has something important to announce: it’s also about sharing your expertise on other sites.

By regularly writing articles in recognized media, you will position yourself as an expert in your industry and bring more visibility to your business.

Just identify the most relevant media for your business and offer to create content for them that adds value to their audience.

Capitalize on seasonal pieces and the buzz

PR seasons

You have many opportunities to talk about your business throughout the year. Events, parties, seasons, celebrations… are all opportunities to create unique content that will get you talked about in the press.

To carry out this type of campaign effectively, you need to identify the most relevant events for your company beforehand so that you have enough time to prepare creative and impactful campaigns that the media will talk about.

Fill in the missing data for the media

Journalists are always looking for unique information, data and studies to create content.

By producing your own studies and communicating them to journalists, you will be able to provide them with exactly what they are looking for and be quoted in their articles.

Vanessa Van Edwards used precisely this strategy to gain visibility. In the early days, she produced her content by retrieving information from other sites and blogs. Her voice was not very loud. Everyone was looking for the same information in their industry and used it to create their content.

She decided to create a human behavior analysis laboratory to produce her own data and conduct her own studies to be quoted in other media.

This strategy turned out to be the right one. Today she appears regularly in The Wall Street Journal, FastCompany, CBS, Entrepreneur, CNN, NPR and USA Today.

Several methods exist to create the data that the media looks for and to get quoted. You can survey your customer database, send a survey to your users, interview industry experts, use the data you have gathered during your focus group… It’s all about being able to get data and to compile it into an interesting study that will enthrall the media.

Create news with stunts

PR stunts

If you have no news, then why not create it through stunts?

Stunts are shocking original actions that the media love. They bring freshness and are inherently viral.

Stunts are only limited by your creativeness. You don’t need a lot of resources to be impactful. Dollar Shave Club for example only spent $ 4,500 for its video that has been viewed 25 million times and created a real media buzz.

Create an event and invite journalists

A great way to do your PR when there is no news is to organize events around themes and to invite journalists, influencers and players in your market. This allows you to both build your network and make you credible within your sector.

By being a host, you create connections between the media and the players in your market, which is also beneficial for your image. Not only will you gain visibility, you will also help others to be visible.

To conclude, doing PR when you have nothing new is definitely possible. No need to wait for major opportunities (fundraising, product launches…) to get the media talking about you. Put your customers forward, write guest articles, capitalize on seasonal periods and the buzz, provide data the media needs, create news with stunts, create an event and invite journalists and you’ll have them talking about you all year round.