We interviewed a mix of 42 american reporters, influencers and bloggers to better understand the way they get content for their stories and what makes a decent pitch. Their (very honest) feedback is helping us define the future of journalism with Babbler.  We’ve highlighted some of their best advice on how to engage with them and get featured.

1- Keep your pitch short and to the point, ideally two sentences or less. (Reporter, Tech)

2- Treat me like I am your client. (Editor in chief, B2B)

3- Make sure you know the topics I cover and the stories I’ve recently writtenIf I just did a piece about mobile phone trends last week, chances are I’m not running the same story this week. (Reporter, Business)

4- Stop sending mass emails to hundreds of outlets – we know a template when we see one. (Editor in chief, Lifestyle)

5- Understand our content and not just the name of our publication. Just because the word tech is in our title doesn’t mean we cover ALL tech topics. (Reporter, Business)

6- Don’t send me the same follow up emails over and over again. When I’ve said I won’t cover something, I mean it. (Editor in chief, Lifestyle)

7- Make sure the spelling and grammar in your pitch is perfect. If you can’t spell my name correctly, I don’t have much faith in the rest of your pitch.  (Reporter, Travel)

8- Have the appropriate images ready to go when you’re pitching a story. (Reporter, Tech)

9- Don’t approach me as if we know each other and say you hope my day is going well. My day is usually hell. (Editor, Business)

10- Please don’t start a press release with stats. If I write about the pet industry, I already know how many pet owners there are and so does every other professional in my industry. (Senior editor, Pets industry)